Triangulation and its importance in research

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Triangulation is the process of validating the results of a study through two or more methods to check its reliability and validity.  Triangulation approach can be applicable for both qualitative and quantitative research studies. There are various triangulation methods based on the techniques and people used. Data Triangulation requires use of space, time and people. Investigator triangulation requires multiple researchers in the same study. Theory triangulation requires use of more than one theoretical scheme to interpret the phenomenon. Methodological triangulation requires various methods of gathering data through interviews, secondary documents, questionnaires and observations.   Denzin (1978) on the other hand has identified two types of methodological triangulation which are ‘within-method’ and ‘between’ or ‘across’ method. The ‘with-in method’ uses one method of triangulation but follows different strategies within it. Between or across method uses two different methods in just one study. Importance of Triangulation Triangulation confirms and validates the quality results using quantitative studies. By using multiple sources and methods inadequacies in one approach or process can be minimized. More insights can be obtained by using multiple methods. Inconsistencies can be recognized and removed. Increases and strengthens the credibility and validity of the data and leads to stronger research design. Triangulation can be sometimes time consuming and requires good planning and more organizational resources which might not be available for everyone. In such cases, you can take help from statisticians who have an in depth knowledge regarding this. Then, there can also be problems like investigator biasness, lack of understanding and theoretical framework conflicts. Every method of study or process has its own advantages, disadvantages, benefits and drawbacks. So triangulation approach needs to be done with all the relevant information in hand rather than conducting triangulation just for the sake of doing it. So it is important to be clear as to which form of triangulation method you are using and why you are using only that...

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Can online dissertation services help in data collection and analysis?

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For students pursuing their PhD, this is one of the first questions that may rise in their minds if statistics is not their cup of tea. Many students are terrified with just the idea of data collection and analysis to get to the result of their research. At, we are an all-round dedicated team including academic writers, professional editors, subject professors and statisticians. We offer you 360 degree solutions for your dissertation, including the most crucial part – data collection and analysis. Right from the guidance to choosing the right method to finally drafting it in your dissertation, we will support you, right...

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Online research support for students

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We all know that, writing assignments is one of the toughest things that students need to face during their academic life. The students need to come across a number of tasks like – writing dissertations, thesis, essays, research papers etc to achieve their degree successfully. Similar is the case with PhD students. They need to present their research paper in an effective way to score better while doing doctorate. For students and researchers, there are a number of online programs that support them throughout their research. One such platform is, where the researchers are provided assistance in completing their research paper. There are plenteous of dissertation services that are available on the internet. Most of these services are available online and the students or researchers can complete their research work at the comfort of their homes. These platforms provide you with the best possible solution, so that you can increase the scope of your research work. At, you will be provided with different writing services in various fields like – microbiology, environmental science, accounts, finance, engineering, IT, resource management and many more. It is a global scale and their services are available to customers all over the world. Scholars from different universities and colleges can approach them for assistance. You can stay confident about the services like – writing, editing and formatting. All you need to do is send your personal details along with your project requirements. You will be provided with some samples of their work, based on which you can finalize your order. The main s advantage of this firm is the speed at which they do things. You will always be satisfied with their services. As the research papers needs proper analysis and understanding, the students need to be more authentic in doing the research. The research work can be said as a big success, if and only if the final results and conclusions are reliable and accurate. The staff at strives hard to meet deadlines and at the same time they do not compromise the quality of the work. They are in the online industry with the goal to produce high quality research papers. You can surely expect an exceptional quality research paper from Moreover, the text is 100% original and unique and can be considered as genuine. The key features of this firm are the assurance of high quality work, which is not only a master piece, but leaves an everlasting impression on the readers mind....

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Online research support a relief for scholars

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If you are a research scholar, then it is hard to believe that you haven’t heard so far about the dissertation services offered on the internet!  There are all types of dissertation services offered by in the virtual world and you need not run pillar to post in search of the resources required for your research work. These websites provides the best input to you so that you can expand the scope and horizons of your research work and make it the most valuable and contemporary in the world. Speed is the other biggest advantage that enables you to finish the research work as early as possible. It is incredibly fast to search the relevant material and condense it according to the requirement of your thesis. A research paper requires thorough analysis and understanding of the subject, but that is not sufficient. There are so many other facts and references required to make the research more authentic and reliable. Experts say that whenever a research paper is prepared, there are three basic things that get precedence. The information should be absolutely authentic, it should be crystal clear and crisp and finally it should be 100% original. It is not a crime to take references from outside, but it is not allowed to copy the material as it is. Are you in search of genuine research material that would add value to your work? You might have done a great job and the information included in the dissertation is genuine. However, it is a great thing to take help from websites like 360 Dissertation. They work absolutely strictly within the timelines and there is never any compromise on quality. Delivering the excellent quality content with utmost reliability and transparency makes the leading provider in dissertation services. The dedicated staff would work hard to make your project a grand success.  There are practically unlimited hurdles and challenges in the path of research and development. Undoubtedly you are mentally prepared for that and ready to overcome those challenges by hard work. However, it will make the task quite simple and quick if you seek professional help instead of reinventing the wheel. It is always better to go for a right agency so that we can expect proper return for the money spent. Get the 100% genuine and original work with a guaranty of reliability and make the research a great success. Complete the task with a great satisfaction and a fabulous work of...

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