Every student, pursuing a PhD doctorate, is aware of submission of a high-quality dissertation in his or her field of work. The page size and the importance of a dissertation in showcasing your research efforts can be challenging for most PhD students, thus resulting in delays in its final submission.

Listed below are some tips on how you can complete your dissertation on time for submission:

  • Start writing early.

Most dissertation deadlines are missed, simply because too much of the writing is left to do in too short a time. Start your writing process early, even when you are not sure of having completed the research. Ensure that your dissertation progress is in sync with your research work.

  • Write consistently.

Dissertation writing must be part of your daily academic activities. Write each day, even if it is only a couple of pages.

  • Get regular feedback on your content.

Develop a healthy relation with your supervisor or review committee members to get regular feedback on your dissertation content. During your research, there will be instances when your progress is stalled due to a variety of reasons. Raise the issue immediately with your seniors, instead of biding time, which will only result in delays.

  • Switch between dissertation sections.

As a rule, you must attempt to write the more tougher sections of your dissertation first. However, if you are spending too much time completing the difficult sections, it would be advisable to attempt and complete the easier sections, just to maintain the progress.

  • Do not obsess about perfection.

Although your dissertation needs to be of high quality, you need not worry getting a perfect draft the first time around. Focus your energies on including your research work and data in the first draft of your dissertation, rather than worrying about language styles and word usage. In the subsequent drafts, you can fix language and editing mistakes to improve the readability.

  • Look at the bigger picture.

Scientific researchers, as professionals, will be required to submit multiple numbers of scientific articles and journals through their career. While your dissertation needs to be of exceptional quality, it is not your magnum opus. Complete your dissertation as a graduation requirement and to complete your PhD program.

As a PhD student, learn to love the process of academic writing, with all its highs and lows. This will help you in completing all your academic submissions on time.

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