Primary research is an integral part of a dissertation and to ace your dissertation, it is important to conduct detailed analyses of data collected through primary research. Primary research can be classified into qualitative research and quantitative research, where the former is inductive in nature and the latter is deductive in nature. Quantitative research essentially refers to the investigation and analysis of large amounts of data using mathematical models and statistical tools. Some of the quantitative research methods employed by researchers worldwide are surveys, polls, and closed-ended questionnaires. Quantitative research is widely used in business studies and social sciences, including economics, marketing, sociology, and political science, to test existing theories.

Collecting large amounts of data and analysing them can be a nightmare for most students and the usage of incorrect statistical tools or mathematical models can be detrimental to one’s grade. This is the reason why we only employ the best statisticians in the industry. All our statisticians are PhD holders and have helped thousand of students from reputed universities with their dissertations. Our statisticians are proficient in most statistical tools and packages, including the SPSS, R, XLSTAT, and EViews and are capable of analysing large amounts of data across all fields of study. Before our statisticians analyse your data, they check the data and eliminate any inaccuracies, which can affect the outcome of the analysis. Through the analysis of data, our statisticians form correlations and show how the data strengthens theories, which is the aim of any quantitative research.

Presentation of data is as important as the analysis itself – analysis is futile if readers are unable to comprehend and make sense of the data at hand. At 360 Dissertation, we believe in not just meeting the expectations of clients but exceeding their expectations. We promise that you will always receive more than you have signed up for at 360 Dissertation. If you have any questions or need additional information on how our statisticians can take your dissertation to the next level, please feel free to contact us at