How to keep the morale high while writing dissertations?

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Research work demands high energy level and tremendous enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a small project dissertation or submitting a thesis for PhD. The amount of pressure, agony and frustration is the same. Students burn their midnight oil in the anticipation of presenting the best research work to the external and the internal examiners. There are various degrees of expectations from the guide, the parents, the friends and the other people who look keenly towards every development of your research. The work is so exhaustive that it is hard to keep the morale flag flattering high in the sky. It is a common practice that the thesis work is taken as the last step of the whole process and that’s where the real problem starts. By the time you take-up the task of writing thesis, you have lost the enthusiasm and zeal completely.

Here are some tips that would help in keeping the same level of adrenaline while writing thesis:

a)      Do the most inspiring work first: Just remember which part of the research work inspired the most. What was the time when you felt that doing research is the loveliest job in the world? Write that chapter first so that you are fully charged.

b)      Take the chapter where only editing is required: It is a good practice to write dissertation topics in multiple iterations. People write the first-cut draft of a few topics in a sequence. The first-cut drafts are then edited to bring in the proper shape when you feel tired with writing. This will give a refreshing change in the mood and you will be ready to write fresh chapters with great enthusiasm.

c)       Take short breaks: Try to keep 5 to 10 minutes spare for short breaks. Go to the terrace, have a cup of coffee or just watch the cartoon movie. Believe it or not, this is extremely recharging. The trick works exceptionally well when you are writing long theoretical stuff.

Writing thesis is certainly a tiring job and therefore it is better if you find someone who will help in completing the task. World Wide Web, commonly known as the internet has fantastic options like where you will get all kinds of help. Compiling the material, putting it in the most logical sequence, presenting it in the most systematic way and finally decorating it in the most presentable manner; these tasks make the thesis complete!

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