There are different aspects to consider before writing a good essay which can ensure success in the task. Before even beginning to write an essay, it is essential to analyze the task properly. The essay must be written on the basis of instructions which may vary from one assignment to another. So before proceeding to attempt the task, read the instructions carefully.

To write a good essay, it is important to observe the rules of writing. Use good punctuation and proper vocabulary. Write in short simple sentences and use paragraphs. Ensure that the sentences are clear and avoid the use of jargons.

There should be a proposed plan while writing an essay. Remember to include all the necessary points in different steps. In case of a timed essay, it is essential to develop a time plan before writing the essay. In this way, it is possible to include all the necessary points in the essay without the possibility of forgetting a specific and important point.

Proof-reading is another important aspect of writing a good essay. Before submitting any work, it is quite pertinent to proof read it thoroughly so as to avoid glaring mistakes which can prove to be detrimental to future opportunities or success.

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